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Monday, June 25, 2007

This turned out well-

The backstory- last summer the BSU convinced me to purchase a microwave oven to put in the camper. Even though most of the time when we go camping, there's no AC power to use a microwave, and even though the family campout in Oregon is only one weekend a year, she wanted a microwave oven. So I bought her one.

Much earlier this year, when son Kye and GF Stephanie moved into their new apartment, I gave them the oven. Hey, we weren't using it and they needed it. So I gifted it to the kids.

A week ago, after I set up the camper, the BSU remembered and reminded me that now we again needed a microwave oven for the camper. So last week, as I passed through the Thrift Store, second hand shop on the base, I spied a brand-new looking microwave, for just a 20 dollar bill. And I bought it. Took it home, plugged it in to the camper and it works perfectly.

Last night, as the BSU was preparing dinner she told me that the kitchen's microwave oven had started making zapping noises, sparking and smoking! Yikes! Sure enough, there are burn marks on the door and the paint has burned clear through and there is even a burned through hole in the metal where the paint got worn through. I suppose this machine's toast…

Lucky for me, the $20 microwave is just the same size as the burned up unit and fits perfectly on the shelf above the stove. Problem solved- except for that "need one in the camper" insistence from the spouse...

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